A/C Blowing Cold Air Constantly

Is Your A/C Constantly Running?

As the heat increases in Texas, the work your air conditioner is putting in increases as well. Everyone wants to be cool and comfortable in the summer but there’s nothing “cool” about your air conditioner constantly being on. Your A/C constantly running can end up being costly, so read below to find out how to troubleshoot the issue or at least try to find the source of it!

  • Your air filter – Check your air filter to see if it’s dirty and in need of a replacement! One of the first things you can check before calling for service is checking your air filter. Your dirty air filter may be restricting air flow, reducing the amount of air flowing through and making your AC work harder than it needs to.
  • Your thermostat – Another component you may check before calling for services is checking your thermostat. Make sure that your thermostat is set to the appropriate settings. Is it on Heat or Cool? Is it on On or Auto? If your thermostat settings are appropriately set, make sure that your thermostat is reading your home correctly especially if it’s an older model.
  • Your air conditioner size – If your unit is too small, it will need to work harder in order to cool your home to the temp it needs to. If your unit is too large, it may not appropriately cool your home, leaving a moist or clammy air. It may also be using more energy than it needs to, costing you higher electricity bills.

Don’t know what it could be or whether your unit is properly functioning or not? It may be time for your daily inspection or tune-up. Let our San Antonio professionals take a look. If your issue goes beyond the troubleshooting solutions we mentioned earlier, you can rely on Dilmak to give you a proper diagnosis and present you with affordable fixes. Call us today 210-649-3333!