Many homeowners in Texas have air conditioning systems, but might not quite understand how central AC works. Dilmak breakdowns central AC and its operation for your increased knowledge and appreciation for the machines that keep you comfortable.

So – what’s the magic behind your air conditioning system giving you a cool and comfortable environment? Well, it’s not magic at all but a chemical refrigerant that specializes in removing heat in your air. This refrigerant moves through a circular loop that passes through pieces of equipment. It then arrives to the compressor outside as a low-pressure gas. The compressor squeezes it, raising the temperature until it’s a high-pressure gas. This travels through the condenser where the heat expels outdoors and the refrigerant returns back to a liquid. This goes indoors and travels through valves and coils. The hot air is now flowing in your refrigerated lines and the heat is being absorbed in the air, leaving a cool and comfortable environment for you.

For more of the visual learners, here’s a quick guide on How an AC Works by

How an Air Conditioner Works

At Dilmak, we understand how your system works thoroughly and our technicians can help you with any central AC aspect you’re having issues with. They will check all systems as part of our AC Tune Up and are happy to make any necessary repairs. Call us today 210-649-3333 for San Antonio AC maintenance, repair, and installations!