Why Getting a Heat Pump in San Antonio, Texas is a Good Idea

Why Heat Pumps are a Money Saving Option for Texas Climates

If you’re interested in saving money when replacing your HVAC system, you might consider a heat pump system. Heat pumps work best in areas with mild winters, which makes San Antonio ideal. It is basically an air conditioner that can reverse its refrigerant cycle based on your home’s need to be cooled or heated. A heat pump doesn’t actually create heat, it takes heat from the ambient air and moves it into the house. Because of the compressor technology it can actually heat your room with outdoor air, even though it is colder outside.

Heat pumps only heat homes down to a certain temperature, so it can be a problem in very cold temperatures. If it gets colder outside than the optimal temperature range, which rarely happens in Texas, most have a backup or an “emergency heat” option that will kick on and supplement the heat pump.

Heat pumps serve a dual purpose, cooling your home during the summer and providing heat in the winter. It is an air conditioner and a heater, so you pretty much get two for one when you install a heat pump, which saves you money. They are very efficient, some supplying 3 units of heat for every unit of electricity. Luckily, in Central Texas we don’t get too many cold days so most of the time you get the advantage of lower operating costs when it is heating in heat pump mode. Heat pumps are also ideal for homes that do not have natural gas and rely on electric heat in the winter, normally accompanied by high electric bills in the winter months.

Whether you need a new heat pump system or a new furnace in the San Antonio area this winter, give us a call at 210-649-3333. We can help you choose the best heating and cooling equipment options for your home.

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