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Tips to Use Before You Turn Your AC Back On

We may be enjoying the spring weather now, but we all know that it can change from spring to summer in an instant in Texas! If you haven’t already turned on your A/C system, here are some tips to use before you do to keep it in tip-top shape for the cooling season. It’s a great idea to check your system now before we go into full-blown cooling mode. Check your air filter. Usually your air filter and heater share a filter. So if you’ve forgotten about this important piece of your HVAC system, check it and change it before the start of the cooling season. As a general guide, your air filter should be changed out every month or when dirty.

  1. Take a look at your thermostat – is it outdated? You could save money and energy by installing a newer, programmable thermostat. The energy savings quickly offset the minimal cost of upgrading your thermostat.
  2. Inspect your outdoor condenser unit. This important piece of your HVAC equipment has been sitting outside, collecting several months’ worth of dirt and debris. Make sure your condenser is clear of leaves, grass clippings, dirt and mud.
  3. Inspect the refrigerant lines. The lines should be insulated. Sometimes the insulation will deteriorate being exposed to the heat and cold, and may need to be replaced. Proper insulation of these lines improves the efficiency of the system.

We hope these tips are useful and you have no problems with your HVAC system. By checking these things now, you can ensure your system will be ready for the Texas heat before it arrives. If you do need service, we are always here to help and offer advice to get your system in shape for the summer. If you’d like us to service your system with an A/C tune up and maintenance check, give Dilmak a call at 210-649-3333!