Window vs Whole Home Air Conditioner

Window AC Units vs Whole Home ACs

It is essential in Texas’ 100 degree heat that every home has a cooling method in place, but depending on the home you have, it may be worth exploring different cooling options to ensure you have the best one for you.

Window Air Conditioner – These window air conditioning units are an inexpensive, temporary solution meant to cool a single space. This is an ideal solution for either rented homes or apartments or is typically installed in rooms where the cooling and comfort is lacking. Not only is the equipment itself inexpensive but the homeowner can also save enormously on installation costs because of how quick and easy the set up process is. Even repair costs are predicted to be affordable. Since window air conditioners are designed to cool a single room, they consume less energy and therefore keep the energy bills lower.

Keep in mind if you plan to implement multiple window air conditioners in your home, it may end up costing more than one whole air conditioning system. Since these units are directly installed within the rooms, they are louder than typical central air conditioning systems and, to some, can be an eyesore. These units are not designed to uphold the same standard of indoor air quality and have significantly less ability to manage air filtration and dehumidification.

Whole Home Air Conditioner – Unlike the window air conditioner, a whole home air conditioner, also called a central air conditioning system, is an investment that provides cooling and comfort for an entire home. In order to achieve this whole home cooling, installation requires a professional and may require additional ductwork services as well. This is the ideal solution for your permanent living situation at home. Not only does it use less energy than having multiple window air conditioners but it provides more beneficial features as well – delivering higher levels of comfort, even temperatures throughout your home, improved indoor air quality for your health, and more. Several configurations are available based on your desired comfort controls and your home’s specific needs.

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