Heating Repair and Installation

Dilmak Provides Expert Heating System Repair and Installation

We sell, install and service all makes and models of heat pumps and furnaces. Our technicians will talk to you about options available if you need a new unit and can show you the advantages and savings of new technology.

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Experience in installation of new heating units

Working within your budget, the Dilmak experts can recommend the best and most efficient unit for the size of your home. Dilmak Services is committed to extreme customer satisfaction and will give you a professional analysis of your family’s comfort needs!

Common heating repairs Dilmak technicians perform

The key to successful repairs is having experience with the various makes and models of residential and commercial heating systems. With more than 20 years of experience in the heating repair business, our expert technicians have compiled a top 5 list of problems that may cause your furnace or heater to break down and cause uneven, excessive, intermittent or no heat at all:

  1. Bad thermostat.
  2. Faulty ignitor or pilot.
  3. Faulty air flow switch.
  4. Cracked heat exchanger, resulting in Carbon Monoxide poisoning throughout the residence home.
  5. Faulty Safety switches, resulting in the heater not to start or not to shut off properly.
  6. Dirty filters.
  7. Overall remedy is proper Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance.
  8. Dilmak Services can offer service agreements to meet all customers needs.
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Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of your heating unit

Each of these common issues can be resolved by a professional technician from Dilmak Services. We can accurately pinpoint the problem and provide a proper solution. Additionally, most of these problems can be avoided with our Dilmak Maintenance Program. You can also take some preventive steps to save yourself money and headaches associated with all repairs. If you have a forced air furnace, we strongly recommend switching filters monthly. We also recommend replacing your thermostat with a programmable digital model to make your system more efficient and provide you with lower heating bills. Ask us to take a look at your duct work to see if that is another way you can possibly save on your energy bills.


Maintenance Checklist


Inspect contactor
Tighten electrical connections
Inspect wiring condition
Wash outdoor coil (cooling)
Inspect service disconnect and fuses
Test fan motor capacitor
Test compressor capacitor

Electrical Performance Test

Compressor amps
Outdoor motor amps
Indoor motor amps
Voltage drop across contactor
Electric heat amp draw


Check thermostat operation (digital or analog)
Inspect blower motor and wheel
Test capacitor
Inspect and clean condensate drain
Inspect secondary drain system
Inspect evaporator coil

System Performance Test

Temperature split at unit
Outdoor temperature
Return temperature indoor
Supply temperature indoor
Suction pressure
Liquid pressure

Heat Pump

Inspect defrost control
Inspect reversing valve solenoid

Gas Heat

Check pilot (as needed)
Check gas shut off
Inspect main burners
Visually inspect temperature safety switches
Inspect flame sensor/clean
Inspect flue pipe
Check inducer fan motor
Inspect blower door safety switch
Inspect burner ignition system